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You Can’t Order What’s Not On Your Menu

Yesterday I found myself in a conversation with a fellow yogi discussing relationships. It was a lighthearted conversation about the ups and downs related to being involved so intimately with someone else’s life. I don’t give too many details about my past relationships, but I will chime in if something truly resonates and I can offer positive input.

She spoke about her two small children at home and how when she was eighteen she vowed to not get married and raise kids unless her husband could provide a nanny when she needed and an option for her to stay at home with her own kids. I thought about how nonnegotiable she seemed to be with this request and how she stepped directly into a relationship with a very successful husband who allows her to flourish as a mother and wife.

While listening to her, I took a moment to think about my own checklist for a mate when I was only eighteen years old and thought to myself, “a man like that wasn’t even on my menu…” I couldn’t even fathom a household where I was supported in the way that she discussed, it had never even crossed my mind that that lifestyle was available to me.

All too often we are making decisions in life based on a very limited menu. I am guilty of this. We order from the “lunch menu of life” as opposed to the dinner menu; the full course menu. When we come from limited choices and have only witnessed limitation and lack, especially in the area of relationships, we tend to build our own futures on what we know to be real. Whether what is real to us serves us or not.

You can’t order what’s not on your menu. If we truly want to see growth in all areas of our lives, we must expand our choices even if we’ve never experienced or witnessed what we’re requesting. When we don’t expand our choices, we feel stuck and used. Overworked and under appreciated.

Often, we don’t expand our options because of fear of failure. What if we don’t achieve that goal? What if we never attract a mate we desire? What if our business never makes money? Or, I’m not the kind of person who has a life like that. These doubts are lies dressed up as genuine concern. How would we ever know what’s possible if we put no effort towards manifesting it; if we never even place it on our menu.

I’ve placed peace on my menu, unconditional love, financial freedom, travel, working from home; all on my menu. I unapologetically order these items daily. Before I made deliberate intention to place them within arm’s reach; I never had them.

We make new options available to us by eliminating the items that taste bad, feel bad or keep us in a negative space. Once we clear that space, we can add new items; items that grow us, inspire us and stretch our personal belief system.
Everything is impossible until its done.

This is how we create improved paradigms, see generational growth and own our experiences in our lives. We become less of an under appreciated victim of circumstance and more of a conscious architect, creating and developing a life we are proud of.

Expand your menu, enlarge your life.

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