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Give the Gift of EYEBROWS to yourself or someone you Love!

• No more drawing on Brows every morning
• Results last for 1 year to 18 months depending on lifestyle
• Great Gift for those who are Cancer Survivors
• Anyone who suffers with Alopecia
• It much cheaper than a face lift…

It takes years away and adds a more
youthful appearance.

Regular cost is $525


Provide Proof of Purchase

Must book by March 31st, 2018

Microblading Service

Only $200

REG. $525

BOUJEE SPA™️ Microblading Services have been broken down into a 4 part process for easier accessibility. The entire process consist of 2 to 3 procedures.

1. Initial consultation Non
Refundable ($50)
2. Scheduling and Setting
Appointments Non
Refundable ($50)
3. Part 1 of procedure ($300)
50% Refundable
If Proper 36 hour cancellations
is given.
4. Part 2 of procedure Touch-Up
6weeks Later ($125) Non-

Please note it is necessary to return no later than 60 days after initial procedure for further treatments to obtain the expected results. Anything past the 60 days period will require payment.