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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions for the “I Deserve It”™ Membership

Initial the following:

____________ I acknowledge and give my approval to receive emails, calls and/or text messages regarding my “I Deserve It”™ Membership account, special promotions and offers from
“I Need A Massage”™LLC

Note: The Federal Equal Credit Opportunity Act prohibits creditors from discriminating against credit applicant on the basis of sex or marital status. The agency that administers the Law is the Federal Trade Commission, Equal Credit Opportunity, Washington, D. C. 20580.

_______________I Promise to pay to the order of “I Need A Massage”™LLC the sum of Fifty-nine dollars ($59) payable in indicated amounts of consecutive monthly installments for a total of twelve (12) payments. Beginning on the day in which I indicate either the 1st or 15th of each month.

____________I, understand that I have signed a contractual agreement. My failure to use my “I Deserve It”™ Membership on a regular monthly basis does not relieve me of my obligations, regardless of circumstances, to pay the installment note in full. Should I default I agree to pay all cost of collections including but, not limited to Collection Agency fees up to 50% of the unpaid balance, Court Cost, and Attorney Fees. All of which may be incurred and paid by holder of this Contractual Agreement and/or Note.

Sign_______________________________________________ Date_____________________

Renewal and Cancellation Policy: Your yearly “I Deserve It”™ Membership will automatically renew at the end of the initial twelve months period (12) unless you stop by your local ”I Need A Massage”™LLC location and fill out a cancellation request. You may also submit a letter via traditional mail service or by email Either choice should be done 30 days prior to the end of (12) month agreement. It maybe be mailed to:

I Need A Massage LLC
10455 N. Central Expressway
Dallas, Texas 75231

If for some reason you desire to cancel your “I Deserve It”™ Membership with “I Need A Massage”™ LLC before your (12) month membership ends you will need to pay an early cancellation fee of one-hundred fifty-nine dollars ($159).

Note: The only exception for this is our military personnel. If you are in the military and are being deployed for duty your early cancellation fee shall be waived. Proof of such deployment will need to be provided.

Return Checks and/or Undebatable Payments: There will be a twenty-five ($25) dollar fee charged for any and all returned checks and/or undebatable payments. If client defaults on their “I Deserve It”™ Membership agreement; “I Need A Massage”™ LLC may demand immediate payment of all monthly fee for the entire (12) month contract and the default will be reported to the three major credit agency.

Membership Restrictions and Changes: “I Need A Massage”™ LLC reserves the right to deny and/or revoke any client’s membership and the right to discontinue and/or refuse service for any reason. This membership is non-transferable. We also reserve the right to change regulations, rules and pricing at any time upon providing reasonable notice.

Missing Your Monthly Massage: Remember you are choosing to sign-up for the
I Deserve It”™ Membership to take better care of yourself and to improve your Health and over all Well-being – thus allowing you to better take care of others and your responsibilities. If you are going to miss your monthly Massage Appointment; you have two (2) options available to you:

1. You can carry your missed massage over to the next month only. Giving you two massages that following month. Note: THIS IS ONLY ALLOWED THREE TIMES A YEAR.

2. You can give your monthly massage appointment to someone else. They may come in your place. Note: If you do give away your monthly massage and then decide you would like a massage that month you will have to pay the eighty-nine ($89) dollars Non-Member rate for a second massage that month. Only you the Member personally is allowed to uses the discounted rate of ($49) dollars for a second Massage within the same month.

Note: You WILL NOT be able to miss multiple months. If you do not choose one of the two options available to you; you will lose your massage that month.
Please observe our 24 Hour Confirmation and Cancellation Notice Policy. A Twenty-five ($25) non-refundable fee will be charged for all Late Cancellation, No Calls/No Shows missed appointments and you will lose that month’s massage. If you show up late to your scheduled appointment the massage session will end at its scheduled time.
“Remember the reason you signed up for the I Deserve It”™ Membership; to take care of Self…

Changes to Banking and/or Credit Card: It is your responsibility to keep your Banking and/or Credit Card information current with “I Need A Massage”™LLC. You can stop by “I Need A Massage”™LLC to update your information or simply give us a call.

Minimum Age Requirement: I Deserve It”™ Membership can by utilized by clients as young as 10 year old. Clients under the age of 18 years old must have a parent or guardian consent at the time of signing up for membership. The parent or guardian must also be physically in the massage room and/or suite for the entire massage for clients under the age of 18 years old or they may sign a waiver for minors between the ages 13 to 17 giving us permission to perform the massage session without the parent or guardian present.

Transferring and Assignment of Contract: We may transfer, assign or sell our rights to receive payment form you to a bank, finance company or any other financial institution. Notifications will be sent out if such transfer take place.

Complete Agreement and Severability: Both parties agree to the terms of this contract fully and it supersedes any oral promises or statements made. No representatives of “I Need A Massage”™LLC is authorized to alter or change the terms, content and/or language of this agreement. If it is found that any portion of this contract is unenforceable; the remaining provisions of this contract will not be affected and will be enforced.

Applicable Law: This I Deserve It”™ Membership agreement shall be governed by Texas law and/or whichever county “I Need A Massage”™LLC resides in.
Notice To Purchaser: If you decide you do not wish to remain a member of “I Need A Massage”™ LLC and the I Deserve It”™ Membership, you may cancel this contract by mailing to “I Need A Massage”™ LLC by midnight of the third business day after the day you signed this contract of notice stating your desire to cancel this contractual membership agreement. The written notice must be mailed certified mail to the above stated address of “I Need A Massage”™LLC. Note: All Fees including registration fees are non-refundable.
“We believe that caring for Self is not an act of selfishness,
yet an act of love; for when you take care of Self first,
you are better able to take care of others and your responsibilities.”

Amirah Boyo, LMT