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The Worthy Collection

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The “Simply Pure” line is just that. It has only the Natural scents from it’s all Natural ingredients. This line is great for those with sensitive skin.
The “Autumn Spice” has all of the same 100%, All Natural ingredients as the “Simple Pure” line, we have just add All Natural Essential Fragrance Oils of Ginger, Orange and Patchouli. The Scents will arouse your senses with the timely scents of Autumn.


The Worthy Collection™
Here at “I Need A Massage”™ LLC we truly believe that taking care of self is an act of Love. We need you to know that you are Worthy of Good Things; rather it be a Quality Service and/or Products.
The Worthy Collection™ was designed with you our client in mind. Our Desire is for you to have access to products that are made with 100% Organic ingredients that are Beneficial to your over all Health and Well-being. We have added other items that will “Feel” 😉 your Spirit and your Unique sense of Style! Remember to tell yourself…
“I’m Worthy and I Deserve the Finer Things in Life…”